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Link Gumbo 10/15/10



(Not to be harsh about it, but c'mon guys, y'all know how Miles works. Any shift, baring injury, will be gradual over time at best. And if we should see him on the field this weekend, I want T.C. McCartney as an option in next week's poll.)

What's that? Star prospect Johnny O’Bryant announced yesterday that he's signing with LSU? I wonder where I heard that before (begins asking Jrlz for the box score from next week's Auburn game...)

Begin your weekend on FSN the right way by watching your 17-1, SEC West leading Volleyball team on the road against the Fightin' RebelBearCalamari of Ole Miss, LIVE on TV at 6:30 pm.

Meanwhile, Soccer is also on the road and is also playing at Ole Miss Friday night. Time to get started on turning around last year's horrible all-sport record against the Rebs.

Here's Coach Miles talking tough about agents on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday (just don't ask him about Michigan St.)

The most sadly humorous line you will read in a baseball story this month.

LSU coach Paul Mainieri said he's sure Ott's dominating summer has his confidence back up as he competes to be the closer once again. He said he is "pretty sure" Ott will be the closer this season.

*checks roster* *sees Matty Ott, 16 tommy john patients, a handful of transfers, and an old bucket of 10-K*

Mainieri, you cad. Baseball began scrimmages this week, I've got WBRZ's camp report after the break.

Great story in the Rev this week about some of the legacy players on the football team this year. I didn't know that Chase Clement had 4 uncles who played football for LSU.