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Blog Pollin Week 8

Explanations after the jump....

1-5.  No change in my top 4, though I did consider dropping LSU to 5 to push Auburn up to 5 after their win over Arkansas.  It's a pretty close resume when you look at the wins.  Throw out MSU, a top 25 win for both teams, though LSU won the game more convincingly.  Auburn's big wins are South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Clemson.  One ranked team, one team that WAS ranked, and two decent BCS squads.  LSU has wins over Florida, West Virginia, UNC, Tennessee, and Vandy.  One ranked team, one team that WAS ranked, and three BCS teams of indeterminate quality.  It's pretty close.   

6-10.  Apparently I shouldn't have worried about ranking Wisconsin too high last week.  Alabama is behind Wisconsin because they no longer have a top 25 win.  TCU and Boise get the slide based on teams improving their resumes.

11-15.  A couple of good one loss teams and two undefeated squads who have thin resumes.  Utah gets a bump over Mizzou because at least they have an excuse. 

16-20.  That was Okie St's best in of the season, which speaks volumes about their schedule.  West Virginia is back on the ballot for essentially only having one loss.  The Big East really sucks, by the way.  Michigan and Mississippi state have almost identical resumes (good quantity of BCS wins but no real marquee wins with two losses to top tier teams).

21-25.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Until the Big 12 teams start playing decent teams (each other), I'm skeptical.  Nebraska has one good win, and I'm not sold that K-State is all that good.