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Behind the Numbers: LSU v McNeese

It's hard to glean much knowledge from the box score this week, as it was a pretty lackluster performance the whole game, and Miles seemed intent on playing freshmen regardless of the game situation.  That won't stop us from trying.

0.33.  Jordan Jefferson's ATVSQBPI, his worst of the season.  That's right, kids, Jefferson was worse less than half a yard on each pass attempt.

4.75.  Jarrett Lee's ATVSBPI.  That's worse than the ATVSQBPI posted by Jefferson the last two weeks.  Neither quarterback had a stellar game, it's just that Jefferson's was so much worse, we didn't notice Lee's struggles.

118.  McNeese's total passing yards.  I heard some open pining for the McNeese quarterback.  Let's slow down.  118 passing yards, while better than LSU's 103 yard total, is nothing to write home about. 

3/13.  LSU's third down conversion rate, contrasted with McNeese's 8/17.  One of the reason the offense struggled so badly was its inability to pick up third downs. 

88.  Michael Ford's rushing yards on 10 carries.  He was the leading rusher and certainly the offensive star of the game for LSU. 

97. Patrick Peterson's return yards.  Yup, still good.

L42.  LSU's starting field position.  It's getting ridiculous the way LSU consistently gets great field position.  More of that, please.