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Link Gumbo 10/20/10 - Wherein We Have Not A Stadium, But A Cathedral

LSU Internal Hype Video Dept. + the poetic license of Dan Borne' = SO MUCH WIN

AUBURN WEEK. EARTHQUAKES. FIRES. CIGARS. CHOPBLOCKS. Head on over to Track Em Tigers for more WarPlainsTigerMenEagles coverage.

Clay Travis tried to pull a fast one with a misquote from the press conference on Monday, but luckily the whole internet jumped on his case., a chronicle of all things hatty, has a recap of the nonsense. Meanwhile, Aubie's beat writers have taken to ALL CAPS to try and make Miles' emotion come through the page.

Man, I am SOOOOOO scared of Cam Newton. He's like Tim Tebow and Ryan Perrilloux rolled into one. We don't stand a chance.

The band wagon seems to be filling up quickly. All I can say is Get On Board.

Rueben Randle's pinky finger is healing well.

LSU rolled straight 6's in the rankings this week. Rankings which at present could lead to total anarchy.

The SEC East? Total Crapshoot. (i.e. Vandy is a half-game out of first place)

Now that practice has begun, the preseason conference rankings are out for both basketball teams. The Men are picked 5th in the West ahead of only Auburn, and the Women are picked 5th overall.

Baseball is stopping practice for Fall Break this week and will be back on Monday. Here are some recent practice notes.

Ali Highsmith is in the news again. /facepalm

So much for rooting for Big Red. Oh well, we needed them to lose eventually.

Sean O'Keefe, going back to work (and there is gonna be a Dateline report on the crash on Friday)

Big Baby and Shaq are going to be a lot of fun to watch in Boston this year.

The Polls That Matter release later today, keep an eye out.