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Bad Weekend

This guy is still running.
This guy is still running.

Very short post, just trying to prove I'm not dead or hiding.  But surgery did not go well and I'm in excruciating ass pain.  It's kind of hard to focus on why LSU is allowing Auburn to rush for over 400 yards when you spend most of the game intermittently blacking out due to pain. 

Though it would've been worth it had LSU won.

Auburn beat LSU soundly and fairly.  There's not a whole lot else to be said.  LSU got plain beat.  It was a close game, but it felt like Auburn was in control throughout.  No excuses, no nothing.  Auburn is clearly the better team and proved it on the field this weekend.  We went strength against strength (their offense versus our defense), and their strength won.  Defense wins championships?  Well, not always.