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Link Gumbo 10/27/10

Why yes!, I DO want to relive every agonizing moment of this game...


Apologies for the recent radio silence. I'm not sure any of us caught the number of the train that just ran through here. Rest assured Poseur is resting as comfortably as anyone who just had back surgery can be, which means he's on a lot of Vicodin. So, he's like House, but with College Football on the brain instead of a vast medical knowledge. This Week's Pick'em update will be along later this morning.

Let's start off with a winner. Volleyball, after that tough road loss at Ole Miss the previous weekend, managed to get back on track and beat Auburn on the road last weekend in a 3-0 sweep. They remain tied with the Reb-Bears (suggestions for better lame ole miss nicknames are welcome in the comments) for 1st in the SEC west and will have a chance to take the lead back when they face Ole Miss in the PMAC the Sunday after the Bama game.

Time for some Auburn game analysis. TSK points out how we stayed in the game by dominating the field position battle (YAY MORAL VICTORY!) Klienpeter at the Times-Pic says the big problem on Saturday was the line play. Spencer Hall recounts witnessing That Run in person. Saturday Night Slant is resigned to the fact that things aren't going to change this season.

Meanwhile, the Auburn fans aren't celebrating just yet.

It's not quite BAMA week yet, but if you're interested in making *friends* early this year, head on over to Roll 'Bama Roll. We tend to not get along well, but I trust we call all be civil enough to at least wait till next week before attempting to light each others blogs on fire.

Credit to fine work where it is due though, as they point out that as the undefeateds continue to fall, a 1-loss SEC West Champion could still easily make it's way to Glendale.

EDSBS ranks the Quarterbacks. I'll give you two guesses as to who's picture has been replaced with an Air France crash site.

The SEC plans to fine Moo U for violating it's new cowbell rules and may be scrapping the policy all-together. I never saw it coming....

The PMAC will yet again play host to the opening rounds of the women's basketball tourney in 2012.

There are 7 LSU players on NBA rosters for opening day, including the All-World combo of Shaq and Big Baby up in Boston.

The Men's team is in the thick of preseason practice and will have an open scrimmage next Friday at 5pm. The season begins on Nov. 12th at home against Natchitoches.

Poseur may be pulling for his Rangers tonight, but for undecided LSU fans, the Giants are the clear choice. Even if it weren't the case, I'd be rooting for Brian Wilson's beard just on principle.

Following up on one of our opponents, we find that The Smoking Musket is inventing new statistics to prove how much Bill Stewart needs to be replaced.

So, according to Dooley, the Vols are playing like the Germans in the beach landing scene of The Longest Day. To complete the analogy, LSU is the guy with the bagpipes.


"...There's a lot of very peculiar blokes on this beach." Indeed.

After the Break, learn more about how the field crew prepares Death Valley (and confirm the former myth that the Eye is done freehand, without stencils)