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Bye Week Discussion: Who Will Be The Next Retired Number in Death Valley?

Bye weeks are the perfect time for idle chat, such as who's the next Tiger great to get their name in lights?


First, the rules:

To have a jersey retired at LSU, an athlete must have completed intercollegiate competition for LSU a minimum of five years prior to nomination.  Athletes must have demonstrated truly unusual and outstanding accomplishments, exceeding and in addition to all criteria used for Hall of Fame selection.  The athletic performance must be considered unique, such as winning of a Heisman Trophy or National Player of the Year award, and should be based on the total LSU career. Athletes may also be considered for making dramatic impact on the popularity of his or her sport or for significant participation in positive change in LSU Athletics.   Nominees must have a unanimous vote of support from the Hall of Fame committee.

It goes without saying that being in the LSU Hall of Fame is a prerequisite. Here are the current members for football.

Inducted Member
1937 Ruffin G. Pleasant
1937 G. E. "Doc" Fenton
1937 J. J. Seip
1937 R. B. Howell
1937 Lawrence Dupont
1937 Tom Dutton
1937 Clarence Ives
1937 Newton C. Helm
1937 C. C. "Charlie" Mason
1937 Guy Nelson
1937 Abe Mickal
1937 Jesse Fatheree
1937 Marvin Stewart
1937 Gaynell Tinsley
1938 Edward Robertson
1938 Charles Rohm
1940 Ken Kavanaugh
1944 Steve Van Buren
1947 Clyde Lindsey
1948 Y. A. Tittle
1949 Abner Wimberly
1951 Kenny Konz
1954 Jerry Marchand
1956 Sid Fournet
1956 Joe Tuminello
1957 Jim Taylor
1961 W. E. "Bill" Pitcher
1964 Fred Miller
1964 Norman Stevens
1975 Percy Brown
***1975 Billy Cannon
1976 Osborne "Butch" Helveston
1976 Doug Moreau
1976 Roy "Moonie" Winston
1977 Jerry Stovall
1978 Charles Strange
1978 Johnny Robinson
***1980 Tommy Casanova
1982 George Bevan
1983 Tyler Lafauci
1988 Ron Estay
1988 Brad Davis
1988 Warren Capone
1989 Charles Alexander
1989 William B. Baggett, Sr.
1990 Robert W. Dugas
1991 Warren Rabb
1992 Bert Jones
2005 Tommy Hodson
2006 Kevin Faulk
2007 Charles McClendon
2007 Kevin Mawae
2007 Nacho Albergamo
2009 Anthony McFarland


***Jersey Retired

So who's next? There is nothing that says LSU will retire a jersey this year, and so far there isnt really a pattern as to the announcements. Cannon's was announced just weeks before, with him reportedly not even being aware it was happening until they pulled the banner back, while Casanova's was announced the preceding May.



Jerry Stovall's recent induction into the College Football Hall of Fame certainly makes him the odds on favorite (in fact, I've heard LSU is doing something to commemorate the occasion at the Bama game next week) but that list is a long one. Who do you think is worthy of being up there with the greats? Over the weekend, I'll collect some of your suggestions and we'll do a poll.