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Saturday Open Thread 10/30/10 - Day Games

The vast emptiness of the Bye week. Plenty of games to watch with implications for our future.

1st off, that WVU win is looking worse all the time.

TSK has your SEC slate preview, where the cocktail party will be fun to watch, but ultimately unimportant for us. Though I'm sure we'll all take a certain amount of glee at watching UF lose 4 in a row for the first time in memory.

The real action is of course the "everybody has picked it, so it wont happen" Ole Miss upset of Auburn later tonight. Sure, It could happen. Also, be aware of some potential uniform shenanigans by the ReBears. And 3D!

Meanwhile, in the National Buffet, all the undefeateds are hitting the road for big tests, but thanks to the genius program directors at ESPN, you'll only get to see one of MSU-Iowa or Mizzou-Nebraska.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a saturday where your heart will not be stress tested.