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Link Gumbo 10/04/10 - In Which Les Miles Calls Bulls--t On This Team

There is an SB Nation policy that prevents me from saying Bullshit in the headline, but it needs to be said. We've posted this before in earlier coverage, but It's worth a second look

Les Miles postgame comments following the 16-14 win against Tennessee


And here T-Bob confirms that he did in fact snap the ball early to avoid Ole Miss happening again. I am still debating in my head whether or not this was a good decision.


LSU center T-Bob Hebert on the final frantic minutes against Tennessee


Short one this morning as we have the Monday presser this afternoon.

It's Florida week. Alligator Army is working through their own problems this weekend.

Mickles at the Advoc covers the Vol heartbreak. Hotard tries to figure out what exactly is going on at QB. Terrell at the Times-Pic talks to Ridley about the final run. And Guilbeau seems to have a new protege' at the S'port Times. I ain't linking to him either.

Meanwhile, the fellas at Rocky Top Talk try to find the positives and just make sense of it all.

The Chalmation Sensation was named the Sugar Bowl Athlete of the Month for his Cape Cod performance.