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Behind the Numbers: LSU v Tennessee

We won the box score!  We won the box score!

215.  LSU's yards passing.  LSU almost had more yards passing than Tennessee had in total offense (217).   LSU did have more yards rushing (219) than Tennessee had total yards.  LSU was perfectly balanced, and totally dominant in yards, relative to Tennessee.

-4.  Turnover margin.  This was the key stat of the game, with Jefferson's picks being particularly ugly.  He threw a pick on 20% of his pass attempts. 

3.  The number of 100-yard rushers in the game.  For a game in which yards came at a premium, there were a lot of guys who topped the century mark: Jefferson (100), Poole (109), and Ridley (123).  Ridley's final run was all effort.  Doesn't show up on the box score, but that was an awesome, awesome run.

4.  The number of LSU running backs with a carry.  Spencer Ware also had a reception.  Ridley is obviously y the #1 back, but the coaches seemed more comfortable going to the bench on Saturday.  Even Michael Ford got two unremarkable carries.  Richard Murphy had two very noticeable carries, for all the wrong reasons.

0 for 2.  Tennessee's fourth down conversions.  Twice, LSU's defense stopped the Vols when the went for it on fourth.  The second time may have been the biggest play of the game.

14 seconds.  Tennessee's time of possession advantage.  Is there a more overrated stat?

48.2.  The average Tennessee punt.  Palardy punted the hell out of the ball, booting it over 50 yards 3 different times.  Had Tennessee won, he might have been the MVP.  What a great game bottling up Zod.

69.  LSU's number of offensive plays.  And Bill and Ted's favorite number. 

13.  Well, you know.