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Link Gumbo 11/1/10



It's now full on Bama week. Head on over to Roll Bama Roll for more info on the Tide. And some pretty good analysis of SEC graduation rates. As you'd expect, It's Vandy then everybody else.

We moved up in the BCS to the number 10 spot, but the big story is Auburn proving the theory that playing Ole Miss in their dirty laundry, even in a big victory, can only hurt your cause.

Over the weekend Rabalais at the Advoc spent some time trying to figure out what to make of this 7-1 team. You know it's not going well when someone pulls out a Smoke Laval quote.

After the tragedy at Notre Dame last week, Miles and the staff took the time to review LSU's own policy on the scissor lifts and revealed he's witnessed a close call himself at another school. The video from the Thursday after practice session is after the break.

From the same place that broke the original Mettenberger story, we learn that Bama has also offered a full ride to the castoff UGA QB. Winner take all this weekend? H/T LSUMARC72

I'm not buying the "Miles for Colorado" speculation. For one thing, they don't have the money. For another, Miles' loyalty was to coach McCartney and the result of that bond is already on the LSU sideline. H/T SouthernMan

G Aaron Dotson is looking much better this year after having fully healed from knee surgery he had in high school. The Men's team has an open scrimmage Friday night before the season starts next week.

Soccer got off the skid to end the regular season with a late game win over Arkansas. They'll start the conference championship tourney on Wednesday.

Volleyball dominated Bama and Moo U at home over the weekend to keep the slim division lead over the ReBears. The defacto SEC West title game is this Sunday in the PMAC.

LSU Track and Field was well represented in the Dome last night.

The Legend of Purple Drank continues as he was failed to be indicted and is now looking forward to finding a new home in the NFL.

After a few years in Russia, Pokey Chatman has returned to the states to be the head coach/GM at the WNBA Chicago Sky, where she'll be coaching Sylvia Fowles. Also, the Women's team was recently filmed for an ESPN All-Access segment to air later this year.

Information on the Baseball Scrimmages has been a little lacking so far this offseason but they are nearly done for the fall, and I expect we'll get at least one final report before the end of the year.

For an LSU blog we are remarkably light on the James Carville references. His OpEd bit in the Times Pic a few weeks ago lays out pretty plainly what sort of problems LSU will face with these budget cuts.

And in more tangentially related local news, it seems hurricane season isn't over just yet.


More to come after the Lunch presser....

LSU video: Miles Thursday postpractice, 10-28-10