Bama's going down, its IN the Bible!

And down the great dragon was hurled, the one called corch and Saban.

He, the abuser of our brothers and the originator of all sorts of hateful and injurious things, he and his sabanic gump herd with him, were hurled down from their lofty throne and no longer was a place found for them in the BCS.

Rise up Tiger Nation for our hour of vengeance is near! Never forget the dirty blow that put JJ out of the game or the cheap shot that ended Chuck the Truck's college career and never, ever, ever forget that we all saw Patrick Peterson drag both feet in bounds.

Pay back is hell and Saban and his herd are on their way there come Saturday.

So let it be written, so let it be!

Tigers 31
Gumps 17

Geaux Tigers!!