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Link Gumbo 11/12/10


Rabalais at The Advoc has a great update on the injuries heading into the weekend, including news that Will Blackwell may be back sooner than expected.

Basketball signing period got of to a great start with LOI's from forward Johnny O'Bryant and guard John Isaac.

Team Speed Kills has an excellent wrap up of the Cam Newton saga so far (with this late addition from Moo U) (and even more late breaking additions to the story) Vegas has indeed pulled the game, but Newton will start.

Former coach Gary Barnett says Colorado wouldn't have a chance if they tried to hire Miles away.

We've shot up to 5th in the BlogPoll and 2nd in the SEC Power Poll.

BCS Evo and just about everyone else has us in the Sugar Bowl if we win out.


LSU bookstore has a grass themed shirt out this week, but I like Storyville's better.

The SEC baseball coaches had a meeting in Hoover to discuss various matters, including the pitch clock in use league wide this season and how the bat companies pulled a fast one on all of us.

Last weekend was great, but it's always refreshing to see it through a stranger's eyes. Andrew Sharp, one of SB Nation's Editors and the man in charge of The Ham Sandwich, was in town for his first SEC football game. It did not disappoint.

LSU has released some special parking instructions for the weekend due to the homecoming parade and LSU Day festivities.

The WAC has announced it's expansion candidates: Texas State Bobcats, the University of Denver Pioneers, and the University of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners (led by Larry Coker!) Those are all needed to replace the upcoming losses of Boise St., Fresno St., and Nevada. I'll say it again La Tech, at this point joining the Sun Belt looks like a god move.

The ACC Atlantic division winner could be chosen out of a hat. Literally.

Volleyball is at 21 ranked Tenn. this afternoon and Men's Basketball has their home opener against the NSU Demons tonight in the PMAC at 7pm

After the break, we find all sorts of people on the sidelines at the Bama game

Anthony Ranaudo


ESPN's Bonnie Bernstein


Gary Sheffield


Mike Fontenot


Demetrius Byrd