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Link Gumbo 11/15/10


Welcome to Ole Miss Week. Red Cup Rebellion has been coping through this season as best they can (WARNING: The previous link goes to a page that currently features 2 photos of Ed Orgeron and one of the Tulane football team. How it remains functional is beyond my understanding of how the internet works)

Short set this morning as we've got a press lunch today.

I realize that many of you didn't see the game, so here's some highlights from the Geaux Zone. We'll have the full replay up with the press conference notes later today.

(TigerVision now ranks behind JP and just ahead of the COX 4 HS Game of the Week in visual quality)

Rosetta at the Advoc was pleased with the effort, and Klienpeter at the Times-Pic liked the defensive intensity.

NCAA president and former LSU Chancellor Mark Emmert was in the building on Saturday and spoke on a variety of subjects. He was in attendance to celebrate the completion of one of the main parts of the old Flagship agenda, building a sizable endowment (now at $753 million).

BCS remained the same (LSU @ #5) and the window for chaos gets a little bit smaller.

It's SCar-Auburn for the SEC title game, which Geaux Show listeners may remember means I lost my bet with Marvin and now have to shave off my beard. I predict i'm not going to enjoy the experience. Marvin being right, I mean.

15th-ranked Volleyball split the road games this weekend with a loss at Kentucky, while the Women's basketball team came up short in the season opener on the road at Northwestern (not the one in Natchitoches)

Here's a great story about former Tiger Leonard Marshall who will be a first-time HS football coach next year in NJ.

After the break, Miles' Postgame Press Conference and Postgame Player Interviews

Miles' Postgame Press Conference - ULM


Postgame Player Interviews - ULM