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Nicholls State 62 - LSU 53: It's bad, folks. It's real bad.

Of all teams, did it have to be the Kolonels?
Of all teams, did it have to be the Kolonels?

December 8, 1988- November 16, 2010

Here lies LSU's 82-game win streak against in-state opponents in the PMAC.

All streaks must come to an end, but Nicholls State?  Even last year's team was able to beat Nicholls State.

I was not there to see it.  I'll be recapping by the box score, but this game could not have been anything less than the most EXCRUCIATING loss in recent memory.

Losing to Nicholls State is unacceptable.  There is absolutely NO reason why Nicholls State should have a better team than us.  This is a loss that will call into question the future of LSU basketball AND the future of coach Trent Johnson.  We lost to Nicholls State.  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Let's look at the game:

LSU had 18 turnovers.  Nicholls State had 8.  That'll do it.  Simply put, we're not playing good basketball.  We are committing fouls, turning the ball over, not making plays, not rebounding on the offensive glass, not stealing.  Now a young team is expected to make mistakes like these, but how could our veterans play so poorly?

The biggest disappointment has to be Malcolm White, who turned the ball over three times and fouled thrice, all in just 10 minutes of action, in which he managed just 2 points and 2 rebounds.  Eddie Ludwig wasn't much better.  Aaron Dotson turned the ball over 4 times and fouled 4 times.  Perhaps the most shocking statistical dud tonight Daron Populist.  I don't want to pick on a walk-on, but he turned the ball over 3 times and fouled 4 times- all in just 7 minutes on the court.

Nobody gets off easy after a loss to Nicholls State, but Storm Warren did have a solid game, with 8 points, 14 rebounds and 3 steals (LSU's only 3 steals on the night.  Nicholls State had 12).  Matt Derenbecker and Andre Stringer led the way with 14 points apiece.  Both of them sank 3 shots from behind the arc.  Derenbecker grabbed 6 rebounds, while Stringer added 3 assists.  Stringer didn't turn the ball over and didn't foul.  Ralston Turner had a solid but unremarkable day.  Garrett Green deserves a nod for his 4 rebounds in 5 minutes of play without a turnover.

But none of the players should hold their heads up high.  LSU needs to get better, and get better fast if it wants to finish somewhere other than last in the SEC this year.  As for right now, well, this is embarrassing.