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Link Gumbo 11/19/10

Good Morning and


Basketball got off the skid last night with a comfortable 79-56 win over UT-Martin. Jrlz should be around in a bit with a recap.

Lady Tigers had an epic home opener against #7 Ohio State and were tied at 53 with just 37 seconds to go before falling 59-55. Highlights after the break. The Ladies will be playing in a tourney at Seton Hall this weekend.

As The Cam Turns continued to get crazier this week, at one point involving a dog track owner, already under investigation for bribing Alabama politicians, who resembles a hairy Buford T. Justice. Where it stands now is that MSU booster Bill Bell now says he might have the proof about the payment plan, if only he could get it off his damaged phone.

The LSU take remains the same: While entertaining, nothing is going to happen fast enough to help us. Better focus on making it to the Sugar Bowl and hope our boy up in Indy can try and speed things along for us (WHAT UP, EMMERT!)

Not that Les isn't already laying the ground work for the first undefeated national championship contender to have an asterisks in the record books before playing the title game.  Keep hope alive, folks. We ain't out of it yet.

And a congrats to coach Miles on his 60th Tiger win. He's behind only Bernie Moore and Cholly Mac on the All-time list and could pass Moore at his current rate in just 2 or 3 seasons.

Speaking of Aubie, they are lucky the BCS computer rankings don't take into account strength of schedule (and frankly, so should everyone else. 2 loss bama ahead of us? Insanity)

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is how you stop a goal line leap.

No change in either of The Polls That Matter this week. Still 5th in the Blogpoll and a firm 2 in the SEC Power Poll.

Maybe we should have had a bit on Zod in the Seniors profile, as none of his teammates think he'll play another game in Tiger Stadium.

In case you were wondering, Uncle Verne will continue to terrorize SEC on CBS games for the foreseeable future.

The league office put together a fantastically extensive piece detailing the history of the LSU-Ole Miss rivalry. Let it be known that the first LSU player caught with his pants around his ankles was Y.A. Tittle.

Wanna freeze your ass off playing baseball in November and December? LSU will gladly take your money.

HUGE weekend for 16th ranked Volleyball as they have their last homestand this weekend against SCar tonight and then #1 Florida on Sunday. The Sunday match will be televised on Cox Sports at 1pm



While you were sleeping, Hawai'i bolted for the Mountain West. Hey, LaTech fans, at least you'll be the conference favorite for the next few years. The bad news is that the WAC will now be somewhere between the SoCon and the SWAC in the conference pecking order (if it even remains standing in the next few days. Time to swallow your pride and join the Sun Belt while you still can, Techsters).

Josh Jasper - Groza Highlight Reel

Women vs. #7 Ohio St. Highlights