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Here we go, after a one week absence due to time on the DL...


Um, yeah.  Justifications after the jump.

1-5.  I don't think anyone has any quibbles with my top four except Oregon partisans.  Auburn has beaten four teams in the BlogPoll top 25.  That ends the discussion for me.  Wisconsins sneaks in at #5, as they have quietly put together a great resume with wins over Ohio St and Iowa, plus a win over Arizona St.  Those are elite wins against two teams that may finish the year in the top ten (we'll get to my Ohio st rating in a second).

6-10.  Utah is the only undefeated not in the top 5.  Their best win is Pitt, which should explain that.  Nebraska has some great wins (Mizzou, Okie St, and even K-State).  LSU and Bama could easily be flipped.  LSU's losing some of the quality of their wins, but they still have quantity of BCS wins.  State is now LSU's best win, though.  OU's wins have lost a lot of luster as FSU, Air Force, and Texas keep dropping games.  It's killing the Sooners. 

11-15.  I know most people have Stanford in the top ten, and I like them too.  But their best win is USC.  You only get so much mileage out of losing to Oregon.  Arizona ranks ahead of them: same record, same conference, but throw in a win over Iowa.  I'm going more and more off resume here.  Michigan St and Mizzou both have nice resumes (though Sparty has much better wins), but both got blown off the field last week.  And honestly, its not like either has a ton of big name scalps.  Which brings me to Ohio St at #15.  Yeah, I know.  Ohio St's best win is Miami, and unranked team currently 5th in the dreadful ACC.  OSU's best conference win is either Purdue or illinois.  Either way, it's not impressive.  BEAT SOMEBODY.  We're too far into the season to rank a team based on their brand.  Ohio St can certainly climb the polls, but they have managed to get to November with no real quality wins. 

16-20.  Iowa has some big pelts but also two losses.  Same with South Carolina.  Oklahoma St finally has a decent win, over Kansas St, but I don'tthink that's a great win.  A very thin resume.  Mississippi State's two losses are both to top ten teams.  Give it up.

21-25.  Sic em!  I'm probably over-ranking the Bears just a tad, as their best win is either K-State or Texas in Austin, but come on... it's Baylor.  Let's enjoy this while it lasts.  Arkansas lacks quality wins but they have no bad losses.  state gets the nod over VT for being the 2-loss ACC team that didn't lose to James Madison (and Maryland's best win is Navy, speaking of weak schedules).  Oregon St and Florida fill out the last two spots for being 3-loss teams with tough schedules.  There's really no one who desreves those last two spots, so let's give it to teams who went and played good teams.  though it helps to win.