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Monday Press Lunch: Week 13 @ Ar-Kansas - Featuring "a sweet, young, thang named Erin Andrews"

The full press conference video and Full Game Replay of Ole Miss after the break

Notable moments:

23:20 SID Michael Bonnet has an innovative suggestion for solving the budget problems

26:38 Ted asks Miles "What's it like to be interviewed by a sweet, young, thang like Erin Andrews?" The response and follow-up question makes this easily the best press conference since DAMN STRONG FOOTBALL TEAM

LSU Release [PDF Release]

Arkansas Release [PDF Release]

Jefferson, Jasper Earn SEC Weekly Honors -

LSU Remains No. 5 in BCS, 6th in Polls -

Postseason Ticket Requests Due Monday, Nov. 22 -

Lunch with Les for November 22, 2010


Full Game Replay - LSU v Ole Miss - 11/20/10