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Link Gumbo 11/25/10 - Turkey Gumbo

Very basic today. Be careful with those fried turkeys. And be sure to get your picks in before kickoff tonight.



From the above press conference: Hurst and Randle both doing fine.

Rabalais at The Advoc lays out our bowl scenarios.

Zod was named to the finalist lists for both the Thorpe and Bednarik awards.

Jasper on the other hand, inexplicably, did not make the Groza list.

Apparently a close win against a rival doesn't help you get respect, especially when that rival is a terrible Ole Miss team. LSU drops 2 spots to #7 in this weeks BlogPoll. (Poseur didn't submit a ballot this week. SHAME!)

Still #2 in the SEC Power Poll.

Vandy thinking of canning Caldwell? I don't buy it, but stranger things have happened.

Mettenberger was in town for the Ole Miss game, but did not commit.

There is an ESPN video after the break about the role of State Troopers in big time college football that's a fun watch, in addition to an interview with the Cookie Monster, K Shep, and post game player interviews I missed earlier this week.


The Ladies, returning home from a sweep of the Seton Hall tourney last weekend, came home for a nice and easy filler of Tulane and looked to extend their own 33-game win streak against in-state teams. The result of that game was something not fit for consumption on this day.

The Men had a much better than expected performance against #19 Memphis, but the other Tigers pulled ahead late for a 70-61 loss. They came back to the PMAC last night for a sound drubbing of Centenary, 78-36.

Video highlights, where available, after the break.



Thanks to the new contract, there will be 7 SEC v SEC baseball games on Thursday Nights, Live on ESPNU. LSU will be hosting Kentucky on April 28th.


UT v Aggies tonight (or, more importantly, SAINTS GONNA WHUP DEM BOYS!) The tradition Pregame Open Thread will go up before the Iron Bowl and stay up for the duration of the weekend.

State Troopers in Football




K Shep


Player Interviews - Ole Miss Postgame


Ladies v Tulane Highlights


Men @ Memphis (in Tupelo) Highlights


Men v Centenary Highlights