"Here I Come To Save The Day" - Mike Slive (Brace Yourselves Tiger Fans!)

Mike Slive, the SEC Commissioner—who played a key but unheralded role in unraveling the 'super conference' expansion plans this past off-season—that has be heavily criticized for his 'inaction' in the Cam Newton scandal may be poised to take matters into his own hands and save face for the conference.

Since Mike Slive was named commissioner in 2002 the SEC has won five of the seven BCS National Championship Games—and were a fraction away (.019 in the final BCS Ranking) from playing for a sixth—and currently has two teams in the BCS top five.

To see that BCS dominance (and dollars) continue; Slive has been accused of looking the other way in regards to allegations from Mississippi State that no. 2 ranked Auburn's Heisman front running QB, Cam Newton's father solicited improper benefits for his son's signature on a national letter of intent.

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