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Link Gumbo 11/30/10 - Last Day of Hurricane Season, Begining of Dead Week


Who's ready for a rematch of the '95 Weed Eater Bowl?


The hostage situation has ended and normal service should be returning to your area soon, if not already.

Patrick Peterson has been named a 1st team All-American, just the 67th Tiger to ever gain the honor and the 9th under Miles.

Rosetta at The Advoc says the season was "Good, not Great" Kleinpeter, in his excellent as usual film study, believes last week was our worst game of the season.

Alleva says Miles has the only call on keeping assistants. (also, 2 punts in the 1st half last weekend hit camera wires. War Memorial is a truly awful place)

From our SBN Neighbors: The Expats are understandably ecstatic and they should be with the potential of the Hawgs first ever BCS bid.

LSU fell to 10, 11, and 12 in the BCS, AP, and USA polls respectively. The Blog and SEC Power Polls are out tomorrow, and I expect them to be much less forgiving.

It wasn't a bad enough loss to warrant inclusion in the Schadenfreude, but if you're looking for the lowlights without having to go to TigerDroppings, RBR's Meltdown recap will do the job.

There is more to the LSU-A&M Cotton Bowl than just both fanbases hopes, as it seems the committee is also in favor of the matchup. (H/T Advoc Blog)

The Men's team beat up on South Alabama, 80-65 (and got the first LSU road win since the 09 tourney.) They'll face a 4-2 Houston team in the PMAC tonight before going on exam break. And don't feel too bad about that early Nicholls St. loss, It turns out the whole SEC West division is already a smoldering crater and it's not even December yet.

The Ladies played a 3 game tourney @ UCONN and whupped Leigh and Howard before falling to the Juggernaut that is the Lady Huskies, 81-51 (now winners of 84 straight). They play at Nicholls St. tonight before the break.

Volleyball earned their 6th straight tourney berth as a 13 seed and will start in the Norman, OK regional this Friday against Tulsa.

So, after kicking their way back home in a loss to Nevada, Boise St. woke up to the nightmare that TCU is leaving the MWC for the Big East, leaving behind a shell of a conference that can now charitably be described as "WAC 2.0" Meanwhile, some Big East stalwarts are learning, as Kansas did when the B12 nearly fell apart, that football is all that really matters in college athletics these days.

In local news, The Bustle Hustle has ended in Lafayette after what I'm told was a particularly engaging version of The Battle of The Hyphenated in which the Cajun's won on a missed extra point. Potential candidates vary wildly (including a Miss St. assistant and *gasp* Gary Crowton) but we all know who the only candidate should be.

As for the SEC, the only confirmed death is Robbie Caldwell at Vandy. (Rumors of Nutt's demise/banishment to Colorado were greatly exaggerated) The 'Dores are hoping for a top flight hire. The only real flight risk at this point is Gus Malzahn.

Finally, a great quote from Vol Basketball coach Bruce Pearl.

Alright, I don't wanna see any students here tomorrow, you've got finals next week.