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Link Gumbo 11/5/10

We share our condolences to our Miss. St. brethren at the tragic passing of Nick Bell.



Over at Roll Bama Roll they have an update on how their injury recovery is going, those shirts from two years ago show up again, and everyone has a good laugh at those freaky statues in Texas.

The big news of the day is the revelation late yesterday of some serious shenanigans that may have occurred while Cam Newton was looking for a new home in the SEC. It's unfortunately useless for us, as I doubt the NCAA has the ability to make any serious headway on this investigation before the end of the season. At best, Newton may sit a few games, but since we've already played...

Saturday Night Slant has a good roundup of the recruiting visits expected this weekend, along with their thoughts on the game

Clay Travis is picking us as his lock of the weekend, but unfortunately most of you in the pick'em game have a better track record than he does. Doc Saturday, on the other hand, thinks Bama will win with ease.

LSU has put out a notice with the event times for the weekend (band down the hill at 12:45) and reminding everyone to get to campus early. They failed to mention that the annual LSU Salutes ceremony will be happening this weekend as well. Parade Ground Tailgaters should plan accordingly as the ROTC conducts their maneuvers on campus and everyone else should remember to not freak out when the cannons start firing.

Movin' on up in the Blogpoll (#12)) and stuck at #3 in the SEC power poll.

Read up on the game you won't be watching (because it starts the same time ours does), the critical Mid-Major matchup between TCU and Utah.

Basketball had a few practice games and Johnson wasn't happy with the results (Video after the break). The Purple-Gold scrimmage is tonight in the PMAC at 5pm.

After getting washed out Wednesday, LSU defeated Tennessee 1-0 in overtime to move on to the 2nd round of the SEC Soccer tournament. They will face SCar Friday evening.

Also washed out this week was the start of the fall baseball scrimmage series, but they got things going on Wednesday. Purple took game 1, 4-2, then Gold took game 2, 4-2. The final game of the series (and the end of fall baseball) is today at 3pm. The big news (as revealed in the video after the break) is that the new composite bats sound HORRIBLE. I fear the ping is gone, my friends. Also, Fontenot will be at the game this weekend.

In other bad baseball news, construction continues on that new corporate monstrosity that is replacing my beloved Rosenblatt (pours one out for my homies on 13th street)

Don't forget Volleyball will be playing Ole Miss for the SEC West title Sunday in the PMAC.

Want to see some mad Boise St. fans? Explain to them that their Broncos could go undefeated and still end up playing a 6-6 Cal team in San Francisco.

Good thing about being a former LSU track star: access to great facilities for training. Bad thing: Death Valley has a lot of stairs.

Depressing Budget Story of the Day. Russian Language Instructor wants to teach class for free to help students finish out their majors. I'll (hopefully) be doing my own little part to help the budget problems later today.

After the break, a whole mess of videos from Football, Basketball and Baseball

Clip - Interview with Jerry Stovall

Les Miles Post Practice Interview 11-03-10

Trent Johnson Pre-Scrimmage Press Conference

Purple-Gold World Series Game 1 Highlights