Welcome Back Mad Hatter!!

‘Les Miles only won with Nick Saban's players.'

Yea, it is as stupid as it sounds and it never was a good argument. However, now that Les Miles, with HIS players, has beaten Nick Saban and HIS players this argument should be file 86'd forever.

Les Miles has taken more abuse and blatant disrespect than Rodney Dangerfield could have ever cracked jokes at. The national media has blasted LSU and Les Miles all year, calling them over rated, inconsistent and undisciplined. Coached by a buffoon who couldn't tell time and shouldn't be allowed to operate a riding lawn mower.

It was so bad at one point that ESPN had 1st graders giving instructions on Time Management.

Mean while, LSU has now beaten 4 nationally ranked teams (UNC, WVU, Florida, Alabama) and another that is now ranked (MSU), a record better than any other team in the country.

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