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Blog Pollin Week 11

As always, explanations after the jump.

1-5.  LSU jumps ahead of Boise on the back of its quality wins, but no quite ahead of TCU, who also gets a quality win over Utah.  Auburn still holds on to #1, as the LSU win looks even better.

6-10.  Oklahoma St. rockets up the BlogPoll with a quality win over Baylor and A&M joining the BlogPoll.  they went from zero top 25 wins to two in the space of a week.  Nebraska has great quality wins but that Texas win keeps looking worse.  Stanford's USC win looks better.  Michigan St is clinging to the top ten as my second Big Ten team.

11-15.  Ohio St. still lacks any good wins.  They are getting by on laundry more than any other team.  Ohio St has two wins over bowl eligible teams: Miami and Ohio.  That's right, Ohio is their second best win.  Arizona stays ahead of Iowa by virtue of their head to head win.  Arkansas is still hanging out without any big wins, though A&M is now their best win.  The Hogs, of course, will have the chance to move up the ballot.

16-20.  Mizzou had a bad week.  Not only did they lose, but their best win is Oklahoma, which now lacks panache.  Mississippi St is still chilling out with their two good losses.  Florida and Oklahoma both setlle into the poll. 

21-25.  Four new teams, as I struggle to find teams worthy of the ballot.  VT's terrible JMU loss matters less and less as they storm through the ACC. USC's late heroics get them on the ballot, and A&M's big win puts them on the ballot.  Miami gets in over Maryland in a battle of ACC Mediocrity.  And I don't have the heart to drop Baylor yet, as no one is forcing their way onto the ballot.