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Link Gumbo 11/9/10


I have heard unconfirmed reports that it will be available for free on the service outside of the local blackout area, trying to confirm this now.

As they say, winning cures all ills. The Les Miles Is A Genius bandwagon is filling up fast with national pundits who dropped him like a hot potato after the Auburn loss. With the win, we are firmly in the BCS picture and we're one of a handful of teams left that have a legitimate shot at Pasadena Glendale, though Miles is quick to say we are a long way from that reality. We are quickly moving beyond even the realm of what Delusional Optimism covers.

Elsewhere, Drake Nevis and Patrick Peterson have been named semifinalists for the Bednarik Award, and Josh Jasper was named a star of the week by the Groza Award.


Just so we are all on the same page, This happened:


via bubbaprog @ 30fps

Apparently, he does this all the time. The players acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary. And after acknowledging the strange at the press conference yesterday, Miles went on to add that synthetic doesn't taste very good and that it's something he's been doing since he played baseball as a kid.

Oh, and as for other absurdities, Apparently I missed a massive five-part series last week in which Jacques Doucet compares LSU football to Van Halen (where Saban is Roth and Miles is Hagar)

Texas runs away with this weeks Tears of Unfathomable Sadness but don't think the bammers didn't have a good weep.

I am now mildly perturbed by the movements in Colorado. I fully expect Woody Paige to release some "inside information" before the SEC championship game that grants us something even better than A DAMN STRONG FOOTBALL TEAM. (What's that? Of course we are going to Atlanta. It makes perfect sense)

Volleyball destroyed the ReBears on Sunday to secure the SEC West lead. They hit the road to Tennessee and Kentucky this weekend.

Soccer's season ended Friday night in a 4-3 shootout loss to SCar in the SEC tourney.

Women's basketball had a comfortable exhibition win over Delta State last night. However, it was a massacre for SEC Men's teams as Auburn and Tennessee both lost exhibition games to D-2 schools and Bama had to take theirs to double overtime. We open regular season play against Natchitoches on Friday night.

Gold takes the Fall Series 2-1 with a 7-1 win last Friday. That's all for baseball till the spring.

After the break, player interviews from Monday.