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North Texas 75 - LSU 55 WTH?



This game was, umm... I mean, it was... uh...

I'm speechless.  North Texas was a tournament team last year, and I knew that the Mean Green was no cupcake.  But to lose by 20 points?  To end the first half with North Texas on a 17-2 run?  North Texas?

LSU is an SEC team.  Maybe basketball isn't as big of a deal as football, and aside from a handful of all-time players, LSU has no consistent tradition of winning.  But LSU is not 20 points worse than North Texas.  This team is looking worse than last year's, and last year was LSU's worst team since the 50's.  Wasn't this supposed to be our "bounce back" year?

Good F'n grief.  The Cotton Bowl and Baseball can't come soon enough.