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Link Gumbo 12/27/10 - Spending The Day Returning Toonces Merchandise


Hard to believe it but there are still 2 weeks until the Cotton Bowl. The fellas at I Am The 12th Man are celebrating one of their Aggies getting significant playing time off the bench for Dallas and keeping any eye on the ever growing list of OCs jumping ship in the Big 12.


Speaking of the NFL, it was one helluva game for Dwayne Bowe, Glenn Dorsey, and all of the SEChiefs yesterday. And there is a pretty big game tonight for JACK HUNT and the guys on Canal St.

Because of that Monday Night game and an unexpected TV pickup by Cox Sports, tonight's Men's game against Southern will start at 6PM. Hotard at The Advoc had a piece on Sunday that lays out the team's situation pretty well, namely that we are still rebuilding and that things should be better in league play thanks to how disastrous the fall has been for the rest of the SEC West.

Need to get into a proper rage for being stuck at work this week? This conversation between Chick-fil-A Bowl president and CEO Gary Stokan and Scott Michaux from the Augusta Chronicle should have you seeing blood just a few paragraphs in.

It's hardly a surprise, but Patrick Peterson and Coach Miles were named the Louisiana Defensive Player and Coach of the year respectively, while Joseph Barksdale, Stevan Ridley, Drake Nevis, Kelvin Sheppard, Morris Claiborne, and the entire Special Teams unit made 1st team All-State.

The Indy Bowl (AF v GT) is tonight @ 5pm. Here is a excellent preview from Mountain West Connection. I'm sticking with the conference line and taking Air Force and AMERICA to win over the nerds from ATL.

The SEC will again be the last AQ conference to start bowling, beginning with Tenn. in the Music City on Thursday Night.

Not much else on a thankfully slow Christmas weekend. Anybody get any Toonces-clad merchandise from family and had that awkward moment where you were grateful but you knew you were never going to wear it? Yeah, me too...