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Link Gumbo 12/3/10

Back by request

With finals week approaching and no post season football to worry about yet, it's been quiet on the football front. However, Miles and crew have been very busy on the recruiting trail as chronicled by the twitter feed of Shea Dixon from They've also put up some free film of Mettenberger's JUCO games that's worth a watch. The Daily Rev is also reporting that we've offered QB Dak Prescott and WR Odell Beckham Jr, who's father Beckham Sr. can been seen above greeting an Aggie in the proper manor.

Speaking of the Aggies, TSK did their own bowl projections and none of them feature the LSU A&M match up we are now all actively hoping for. For what it's worth, I keep getting passed rumors that Bama to Cap One is a done deal, so we are probably not going to know the truth until ESPN's interminably long BCS show Sunday night (important to remember here that the Cotton Bowl is run by Fox, and they will likely issue a separate press release before or during the ESPN reveal). And if we do get stuck in the Citrus, at least it wont be in the muck.

We fell to 3rd in the SEC Power Poll and down to 10th in the BlogPoll, which is not nearly as bad as I expected.

The NCAA was roundly slammed yesterday over the Cam Newton ruling, so much so that our buddy Mark Emmert had to come out and say a few words in their defense.

It's always good to enter the break on a win, and both teams did it Tuesday, with the Ladies blasting Nicholls 88-35 and the Men puling away from Houston 73-57. All y'all up in S'port take note that tickets for the Dec. 18th game against Wichita State in the CenturyTel Center go on sale Friday.

GYM will start the season with a #12 preseason ranking.

I was unaware that the MWC and C-USA have been discussing a pseudo-merger.

This SMU documentary looks to be awesome

The only LSU team in action this weekend is Volleyball against Tulsa in the opening round of the NCAA tourney tonight at 5pm. Live video will be free in the Geaux Zone.

We'll be doing a game thread or two for the weekend's action, so keep an eye out.