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Some of you decided not to watch the MAC Championship last night. Shame on you. Here are the highlights (both via Bubbaprog at 30fps)

#1 This Guy got on TV



#2 This Play


That's Miami (OH)'s Austin Boucher. It kept the last drive alive that allowed Miami to go ahead and win the MAC Championship, a helluva turn around for a team that had only 1 win last season.


Here's your National Buffet and TSK's SECCG preview

Games on the docket (and on the Pick'em list)


Rutgers at West Virginia (ABC)

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (ESPN)


Oregon at Oregon St. (ABC)

There will be a separate thread for the SECCG, appearing near kickoff.

Your Pick'em standings through the 1st 3 games

Overall Standings Through Week 14
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 ADD-Day's picks 102-76 102
2 LSUchad's picks 101-77 101
3 tommyallenn's picks 100-78 100
3 Cbkao's picks 100-78 100
5 TigerinVA's picks 99-79 99
5 fander4's picks 99-79 99
7 hbry28's picks 98-80 98
8 Antonio Banderas 96-82 96
8 muddybayou's picks 96-82 96
10 alange's picks 95-83 95
10 BZACHARY's picks 95-83 95