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Link Gumbo 2/10/10

Men's basketball is back in action tonight at Ar Kansas against SEC POTW Courtney Fortson. Tigers need to win tonight, else they will tie the record for worst start in conference play set by the '58 team. Another record could be set tonight as Taz may pass Garrett Temple for all-time minutes played at LSU.

After Red Shirting last year, Wet Delatte has been named the starting 3rd baseman for this season. Given Mainieri's tendency to switch 3rd base starters last year, he's going to have to work hard to keep it. The Rev has an interview with Mainieri about the rest of the line up and The Advoc talked to Bertuccini about being the only Senior on the pitching staff. Gibbs, Ranaudo, and Landry were named to the preseason All-America list.  Also, something called "The American Sports Builders Association" gave the New Box Field of the Year for 2009.