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Ladies and gentlemen, it could be worse.

Hello.  My name is James "Jrlz" Hunter, and I'm here to tell you some good news to divert you from the pain that is LSU basketball.

It could be worse.

It may be hard to fathom this while seeing LSU at 0-9 going on 0-10, but it's true.

So instead of meditating on our mess, let's be happy we aren't Alcorn State.


For one thing, we can be happy that we do not own the ugliest logo in history.

Second, we can also be happy that our basketball team, as pathetic as it is, is not as bad as Alcorn State's.

Alcorn State is 0-24.  They are by far the worst team in what is by far the worst basketball conference in the nation, the SWAC.

Alcorn State is 311th nationally in scoring offense (61.0 ppg, worse than LSU) and second to last in scoring defense (86.2 ppg).  That's an average scoring margin of -25.2.  Wow.

They played Kansas, sadly.  Kansas went on a 36-0 run en route to a 97-31 smacking.  Somewhere in heaven, Steve McNair was kicking a hole in his door.

So put on a smile and realize it could be worse, and remember, whenever you're feeling down, you can always pick on some poor SWAC team.