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LSU makes history: Ar-Kansas 87 LSU 52

In 1958, LSU basketball reached 0-10 in SEC play.  52 years later, LSU has once again reached that milestone with the chance to go even further than that team.

Oh boy.  A 35-point loss to Arkansas, which simply is not a team that should beat LSU by 35 points, and this one should really get the fans talking.

No, we're not that talented this year, but we are LSU, and it's not like Arkansas is full of LeBron Jameses and Kevin Durants.  We even have Tasmin Mitchell, who once again delivered a fine 15-13 game that wound up a waste.

I think that's the reason I'm so upset right now.  I feel bad for Tasmin.  He just broke the LSU record for minutes played (previously owned by Garrett Temple.)  He's one of the best basketball players of our time, and an LSU Tiger 100%, and he ends his mighty career like this.

I've been begging for a win for some time, and I plead once more:  Win one for Tasmin. 

Even with the talent coming in next year, we cannot replace him.  So please, LSU, win 1 for #1.  That's all I ask.