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Link Gumbo 2/17/10

Almost time...


With Mardi Gras yesterday, not much to give you but more pictures of Mainieri at the Orpheus parade.

How about a chat with Bradon Bass?

We shouldn't let the days go by without mentioning the current big story in College Sports, Who is the Big Ten going to pick up from the Big 12? There are great stories about this from all over SB Nation from all the important perspectives: The Big Ten(specifically Michigan) who seem excited about the prospect, The SEC(and an older post from T Kyle King) and The Big 12(Nebraska) If your trying to quietly work off a Tuesday hangover, they're good reads all around.

Golfer John Peterson has been named to the watch list for that sport's Heisman, while Susan Jackson keeps her #1 All-Around ranking for the 5th straight week.

The Advoc continues it's far inferior baseball preview, now covering the outfield.

Not much to say for either basketball team as both are taking Mardi Gras break. Ladies host #25 Vandy tomorrow while the Men host the Fightin' Riot of MooU on Saturday.

After the break, highlights from last week's basketball games.