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Link Gumbo 2/18/10

See, this is why you read a blog in the morning instead of the paper. Where else are you going to find info on the LSU Fishing team? Besides those completely awesome uniforms, SP Blake Carrier and SR Logan Mount are doing pretty well this season. After finishing 7th in last year's Regional Championship, the team had a great showing at the Falcon Lake, Tx meet taking second with 6 catches for 28-13. That got them $5,000 in scholarship and team funding money. In it's second year of official existence, LSU Fishing has nearly 25 members (split into two-man teams for tournaments) and is looking for sponsorship. Unlike NCAA teams, I believe club teams (Like LSU Hockey, more on them later) are essentially an extension of UREC, so they can take money but I'm not entirely clear on this. Anyone with a better grasp of this, sound off in the comments. Their next event is probably the Toledo Bend meet in June.

DB Daniel Graff, last seen blocking the punt in the Tulane shutout last season, has been granted a sixth year of eligibility. Football spring practice begins in a week.

Softball destroyed ULM in their home opener last night, 6-1. Fico allowed 2 hits and 1 unearned run.

LSU Baseball is the coaches pick to win the SEC this season. The Advoc continues it's season preview, now looking at DH and Utility players. And as yesterday was media day, we got some great shots of the new Alex Box additions.



In Action Today

Lady Tigers host Vandy at 7pm, Swimming at SEC Championships.