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National Signing Day Open Thread '10-Like the Bayou Bash but without the uncomfortably long lines for free booze

<em><strong>"A Chicken in every Pot and 5-star recruits in every Class!"</strong></em>
"A Chicken in every Pot and 5-star recruits in every Class!"

WARNING: For the next 24 hours, you may see printed words that turn out to be completely false. This is Signing Day. It happens. Hang tight and we'll all get through this together.

Ready to watch high school seniors embarrass themselves on national tv while helping that small mom-and-pop sporting goods store in their hometown make the hat sales quota for the month? It's signing day and ATVS is ready to party.

But not literally. We're all working just like most of you. We'll do our very best to keep the tally board up to date and keep an eye out for late breaking switches and shenanigans.

Tomorrow is also free reign for specious rumors. Got a hot tip but your only source is your mother's brother's cousin's boss's son's crew driver? Use the FanPost or FanShot feature and we'll put it right here on the front page. Sure it could turn out to be blatantly incorrect, but half the fun of signing day is chasing down insane rumors.

And what if you have decided to burn a sick day now instead of next Monday? (plan ahead people) will work from most phone browsers, so feel free to comment from the crowd or send us pics or video's you take yourself.

Remember it's your last gasp of football till Sunday (man, that feels great to say) It better be enough to hold you till spring ball in late March.

TALLY BOARD (Updated as of 4:28 pm Wed)

KNOWN KNOWNS (Confirmed verbal commits/ waiting for papers)

J.R. Ferguson DE


Jarrett Fobbs WR


J.C. Copeland DE


Kadron Boone WR


Jakhari Gore RB, 5'9", 175


Brad Wing P/K, 6'3", 175


Alfred Blue RB, 6'2", 192, 4.5


Travis Dickson TE/DE, 6'3", 235


Spencer Ware RB, 5'11", 220


Dexter Blackmon DT, 6'3", 245


Tyrann Mathieu DB, 5'10", 170, 4.5


Elliot Porter OL, 6'3", 270


Armand Williams WR, 6'3", 185, 4.47


James Wright WR, 6'3", 185


Ken Adams DE, 6'4", 245

Already Enrolled

Jordan Allen DE, 6'6", 241


Evan Washington OL, 6'5", 285

 Already Enrolled

Houston Bates ATH, 6'3", 230


Zach Lee QB, 6'5", 198


Cameron Fordham TE, 6'5", 245


Sam Gibson S/CB, 6'2", 200, 4.4


Ronnie Vinson ATH, 5'11", 185


Justin Maclin LB, 6'3", 215


Luke Muncie LB, 6'3", 215


Eric Reid DB, 6'2", 205


D.J. Welter LB 6'1", 220, 4.60


Nick Jacobs TE/DE, 6'6", 250, 4.8


Tharold Simon DB/WR, 6'3", 190, 4.4


Brandon Worle FB, 6'1", 243



KNOWN UNKNOWNS (Leans/corroborated rumors)

DT Brandon Jackson - Soft verbal to Texas A&M, but late visit to LSU
LB Justin Parker - Strong Clemson lean, but South Carolina and LSU are in play
ATH Trovon Reed - Committed to Auburn, but outside chance will switch to LSU
S Dietrich Riley - California kid who is probably going to UCLA, but late visit to LSU and USC


UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS (crazy rumors heard from that guy at the peir)

Whacha Got?


Special Thanks to Okie for our pics from the Bayou Bash


Beer stands are ready


Boudin and Cracklins from Poche's for breakfast


Spend alot of money, you get a nice table.


Recently replaced, glad they are still keeping the old one.


Very sparse crowd this year.


Schimpf, Coleman, Cain, and Ochinko signing autographs.

Welcome Mr Ferguson via EDSBS


Latest Recruit: Seafood Gumbo from M. Anderson High School. CLM described him as:"Playmaker" "Will contribute immediately on Lunch Team"


Ladies and Gentlemen: Matt Flynn!


Now on the auction block: The 405 sign from the old box