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Link Gumbo 2/24/10

Baseball Pregame Scoreboard Video

Looks like somebody saw my request for a better version of that montage.

Football had another top ten finish in attendance last year, taking 7th place at 92,489. Thats a few more that Death Valley's listed capacity.

Trindon Holiday has officially left the track team to prepare for the combine, thought he hasn't practiced or performed with the team since the start of winter.

You may have noticed Farrer is back dressing out on the bench the last few games. He's cleared to play, but CTJ is holding him till he's assured he is back to full health. To his credit Farrer is taking it all in stride.

Hey look, It's Garret Temple!

Double header of sorts today as Baseball hosts McNeese St. at 4, followed by Basketball at Arky at 7. Some Hogs fans think it might be a trap.

Not much else today except the following items:

...A dirty pair of rubber boots, a half-empty bottle of wine, a large wooden sling blade, a djembe, a four-sided lugwrench, a skateboard, a wooden chess set, a sweater, a pair of shoes, landscaping bags, a flashlight, a small mug, and a set of blueprints along the back of the running car.

This is what happens when Jrlz goes on a bender.