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Link Gumbo 2/25/10

Men v. Arkansas 2/25/10-Full Replay

Feels good to wake up a winner. That 2-3 Zone was just unstoppable, forcing 21 turnovers in the win. Taz is now at 1,942 (past Shaq and tied for 3rd with Howard Carter) with 4 games to go.

In what is becoming a trend for CPM's teams, the mid-week filler game against much weaker opposition was alot closer than was comfortable, a 2-1 win over McNeese. Batting was fine, but we stranded most of them on base. Pitching was fine too, with Matty ICE locking it down in the 9th, even though he needed a great catch by Watkins at the wall to end it.  WE SHOULD HAVE BEAT'EM BY 30!!!!!/end rabble

Ranaudo has been pulled from the rotation due to sore elbow. CPM says it's nothing to worry about, but he isn't taking any chances. Weekend line-up will shift Ross and Bourgeois up to Fri-Sat with Sunday TBD.

Spring Practice starts today, The first of 15 sessions spread over 5 weeks. CLM will likely meet with the media before or after practice, but the big news is already out. Besides the position change news, most of what CLM said yesterday was coach speak:

We have to continue to be physical and execute better. We have to be a physical football team.

Softball Run-ruled SELA 11-0 in Hammond.

#4 ranked Rugby hosts Texas at the REC this afternoon, a win will help them take their division crown.

After the break, Last Night's baseball game.