From reportedly loses J.C. Copeland to LSU

The reason so many people get hooked on recruiting are because of stories like Copeland.  A long-time UT prospect, Copeland had initially formed an interest in the Vols under the previous coaching staff.  But after the transition, he was one of the first to commit under Dooley's watch and has rebuffed the old coaches in order to stay with the Big Orange for his college career.

That is, until today when he reportedly signed with John Chavis and LSU.

What you see with J.C. is that he's just flat-out fast off the snap.  In the above video, he's too athletic for anybody to handle and made a nice high school career simply out of out-stepping the offensive line, often being in the backfield before the guard can get a hand up to block.  It's that athleticism that made him both a prized recruit and a work in progress.

Because he's so quick and so dominant at the line, he hasn't had a lot of oppoturnity to work up his block shedding skills.  He'll need some time to develop as a trench warrior - especially if UT switches to a 3-4 defense - in order to keep up with SEC athletes on the offensive line.  But that's a very coachable skillset; the physical abilities are already well in place.

Right now he's about 6'-2" and around 240 lbs.  He can safely get in the 250-260 range without losing any speed, which should help with the strength and shedding issues.  But even at that, he's a great grab.  There's a reason USC and LSU kept trying to lure him away from Tennessee. Congrats to Chavis and LSU. You owe us one.

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