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Link Gumbo 2/4/10

Stanley Roberts looks back on LSU-LMU 20 years ago

Lost in the hustle of signing day yesterday, released a full game replay of the epic 148-141 OT LSU-Loyola Marymount Game. I have reposted it below the jump. Marvel at a Speedy Shaq, Buckets of 10-K, the old SEC spoke logo, early 90's TV graphics, and LSU Radio as a Hawthorne-only operation.

According to The Advoc,  Houston Bates and Dexter Blackmon, the two commits who didn't sign yesterday, have not signed due to completely opposite academic reasons. Bates was asked to grey shirt, but will instead be a walk-on in the fall so that he can start LSU's Pre-Med program, while Blackmon still needs to qualify academically.

By most accounts, yesterday was a great success. LSU was ranked in the top 10 by all the major outlets. The last minute switches by Copeland and Team EGO, in addition to the sudden bounty of WR prospects really made what was going to be a mid-high range class into on of the best in the nation. And don't forget that LSU has a 7-player head start on one of the most talented classes to ever come out of LA next year. If your looking for analysis of the league as a whole, check out Team Speed Kills' review of the classes. Much like the season, we come in third behind the obvious teams.

Thanks to the new right field bleachers, there will be a good bit of Baseball season tickets up for grabs next Thursday at 8am. $260 a seat isn't bad when you consider that you get 38 games out of it.

In preparation for Rudy Macklin's jersey retirement on Saturday, LSUSports is looking back at his Freshman, Sophmore, and double Junior seasons. Macklin also joined Dale Brown at a very entertaining press conference on Tuesday. It is also posted after the jump.

Tonight's Line-up: #19 Ladies at #14 UGA (6pm Cox Sports); Men host #14 Bruce Pearl's Orange Suit Jacket (Gold Game; 8pm ESPN2)

LSU-LMU February 3rd, 1990

Rudy Macklin, Dale Brown Press Conference, 2/2/10