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Wall of Video: Your 2010 Recruiting Class

Every year, puts together videos of their recruiting class's high school highlights. In the past they were stuck behind the Geaux Zone paywall, but this year it's all out for free.

Let's begin with the most important recruit from this years class...

Aussie kicker Brad "Wing It" Wing


"Team EGO" J.R. Furguson


Warning: link may take a while to load.

Evan Washington


Kendrick Adams


Eric Reid


Jarrett Fobbs


Tharold Simon


Travis Dickson


Alfred Blue


James Wright


Sam Gibson


Jordan Allen


Ronnie Vinson


Nic Jacobs


Armand Willimas


J.C. Copeland


Kadron Boone


D.J. Welter


Spencer Ware


Zach Lee


Tyrann Mathieu


Elliot Porter


Brandon Worle


Luke Muncie


Justin Maclin


Jakhari Gore


Cameron Fordham