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Link Gumbo 2/5/10

CPM Droppin' the Mad Beatz- PATRICK DENNIS/The Advocate
CPM Droppin' the Mad Beatz- PATRICK DENNIS/The Advocate

The Times-Pic has confirmed from an inside source that TE Coach Don Yanowsky is joining Porter's staff in Memphis.

Despite a last minute surge, Tenn. got out with a win last night 59-54. This team doesn't quit, which is an admirable trait, but we just do not have the talent to compete this year. CTJ is on the verge of having one of the all-time worst seasons in LSU basketball history. The full game replay is after the jump.

Ladies didn't fare much better losing in OT to UGA 49-46 in a game that featured a combined 45 turnovers. The loss drops LSU to 4-5 in conference and 9th place overall.

LSUSports continues it's look back at the career of Rudy Macklin, today focusing on his senior season.

Baseball is only 2 merciful weeks away, and Mainieri was at the BR Rotary Club drumming up support. Snoop Dogg was not in attendance.

This Weekends Action:


Indoor Track: New York Meet

M Tennis @ Rice

#12 Gym host #1 Bama


M Basketball host Kentucky (Macklin retirement, SECnet, 3pm)


W Tennis host Texas A&M

W Basketball host Ole Miss (SECnet, 1pm)