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Link Gumbo 3/10/10


Terrance Toliver and Les Miles After Practice Press conference 3/9/10

Toliver used the beginning of CLM's daily press meeting to apologize for his actions. He suffered a small fracture in his left hand during the altercation. Miles says he will practice the remainder of the spring in a cast and will be expected to participate and make catches as if he weren't injured. No other punishment will be levied, and this is likely the end of it.

Baseball thoroughly annihilated Monroe last night 18-7, with gaudy sat lines for almost everybody. Only guys who had a bad night were Gaudet, who's slump continues, and starting pitcher Reed who struck out 2 in the 5th with one on and then proceeded to walk 3 straight batters, forcing Mainieri to pull him. His replacement, Riedie, had a horrible outing allowing 4 more runs to just 2 batters in the 5th and was pulled for Alsup. Reeds numbers now look pretty bad for last night, but he really pitched well until it fell apart in the 5th. Still, it's nice to be an SEC team that actually won last night.

Tonight's game against Natchitoches in Shreveport has been rescheduled for April 20th due to the threat of rain. It will still be at the Fairground field and all tickets are good for the rain check.

Mitchell was named 2nd team All-SEC for the season. Farrer was named to the Community Service team.

A full day of press conferences from the other Spring sports yesterday, I've posted them after the jump.


D.D. Breaux (GYM)


D Shaver (T&F)


K. Bahnsen (W Golf)