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Link Gumbo 3/11/10

As seen above, CPM is doing a few more line up changes while we still have time to test things. Moving Ross to Sundays with availability on Friday is probably just a move to shore up middle relief while Ranaudo is still out. Bourgeois, on the other hand, has been impressive in his starts and may have earned himself the midweek starters job once Ranaudo comes back.

Weather should be nice and warm for Spring Ball today. Expect lots of shots of Toliver trying to catch a pass with that cast on. The Rev has a short profile on the most important recruit of the incoming 2010 class, Brad "Wing It" Wing.

Basketball's tourney run for an auto-bid to the NCAA's (keep hope alive, folks) begins today at 2:15pm CST (or whenever the 1st game ends). These 1st few rounds are on SECNet (WAFB in BR) and on At least one person isn't happy about having to play us.