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Link Gumbo 3/15/10

Fast in any Language, LoLo Jones.

Yes, we'll get to the baseball in a second, but over the weekend at the World Indoor Championships in Qatar, LoLo Jones (#12 on the Greatest Tigers of the Decade List) smoked the competition and set a new championship and American record in her collegiate specialty, the 60m Hurdles. Maybe it was the pep talk from Coach Shaver that helped her have such a great run.

What a dominating performance on the diamond this weekend, eh? We destroyed those birds.

Alright, so after all the bluster we gotta take some lumps this morning. Kansas came to town and left with our first series loss of the year (don't panic, remember Illinois). Friday saw a very bad outing for Bourgeois and a late rally that came up short. Saturday was The Blake Dean Show (Feat. Matty "Iceman" Ott). And on Sunday we were doing alright until, like clockwork, Rittiner broke down in the 5th with nobody warming. I'll leave the analysis to Poseur, but getting our starters out of there and getting quality time from middle relief has now gone from a slight worry to a full-on problem. And scuttlebutt on the interwebs says if Ranaudo is still hurting in practice today they may send him in for a scope surgery. Try not to Panic.

Stat of the weekend: Watkins HBP 4 times (3 on Saturday)

For those with some serious cash to burn, the Alex Box Auctions are entering their final weeks. Current personal favorite: The top of the scoreboard (Min bid $2500, What A Steal!)

Pro Day starts at 11am, will have live results and video highlights throughout the day, I'll try to post as many as I can here. Meanwhile here's the recap of Saturday's scrimmage.