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ATVS Tourney Scoring Game

It's time once again for the ATVS Tourney Competition.  Now, while most tourney pools focus on the brackets, we break with precedent and focus on the players, not the teams.  Because anyone can pick Kentucky to go all the way, it's far more fun rooting for John Wall to scoring 100 points. 

So, here's the rules.  You can select one player per seed line, one through sixteen.  You then take all of the points your "team" scores each round and add them together.  You do not get to replace players as their team is eliminated, so you want to get the guys who will make a deep run.  Most points wins.  Just reply to this post and list your team.  Here is my entry:

1 Sherron Collins (Kansas)
2 DaSean Butler (WVU)
3 LaceDarius Dunn (Baylor)
4 Greivis Vasquez (Maryland)
5 Donald Sloan (Texas A&M)
6 Jordan Crawford (Xavier)
7 Jimmer Fredette (BYU)
8 Damion James (Texas)
9 Edgar Sosa (Louisville)
10 Omar Samhan (St Marys)
11 Quincy Poindexter (Washington)
12 Randy Culpepper (UTEP)
13 Alex Franklin (Siena)
14 Anthony Johnson (Montana)
15 Reggie Holmes (Morgan St)
16 CJ McCollum (Lehigh)*

*Play-in game does not count.  I reserve the right to change my #16 player after the play-in game but before Thursday tip.