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Link Gumbo 3/17/10

Hey Everyone, It's Karl Dunbar!

With no big improvements or disappointments from Pro Day, the only real news is the statistical oddities. For example, Harry Coleman had a faster 40 time than Brandon LaFell. Full results and more videos available at

Ranaudo Panic Meter: Downgrade from Slightly Panicked to Very Concerned. He's alright, but he's still not pitching this weekend and no timetable has been set. Meanwhile, Matulis gets the start tonight against the Kolonels (more on that later today) Also note that Mahtook's move to the 5 spot last Sunday is now how the lineup will be going forward.

The Ladies will play Hartford at 11 am on Saturday for the chance to play 4 seed Duke on their home court on Monday night. We really got a tough bracket this year as the Vols are hosting the next rounds in Memphis.

A few bits of campus news this week: LSU will be closing more streets to car traffic, no word on how this will effect your tailgating plans. I doubt it will as most of the gates they have already are thrown open on gamedays. And campus is still in mourning after a Doctoral student fell off the Life Sciences Building (that 6-story tower behind the union) in an apparent suicide.

After the break, the final Trent Johnson radio show, feat. guest appearances by Les Miles and D.D. Breaux.