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Link Gumbo 3/22/10

As most of the stories today are from the above press conference, I'll summarise myself. Impressed with how the O-line is coming along, even though he mentions them making some bad false start penalties. Michael Ford is giving Stevan Ridley a serious challenge and will see action in the fall (another year of multi-back seems almost a certainty) A balanced attack on the offensive side this weekend, but the run performed better than the pass. J Lee had alot of good yardage, and Les gives the usual line about every position being a competition right now (i.e. Don't Panic). Defense is ahead (as always). The D as a whole seems more comfortable in Year 2 under The Chief. Toliver can catch with one hand, the cast comes off "soon." T-Bob Hebert is out for remainder of spring after breaking a bone in his lower right leg, but should have no problem being ready for the fall. Lineups for Spring game to be "Drafted" by the top press performers on Pro Day (Can I get a Team Rush T-shirt?) with final approval coming from the coaching staff. Les hopes an improved product on the field will make for good "entertainment value" on ESPN2.

Tradition Fund is due at the end of the month. Remember that most kidney donations must be scheduled in advance.

Baseball took 2 of 3 from Arkansas in the opening SEC series (Hat tip to WatsonTiger for filling in on the PBP this weekend, he's like Hawthorne with tourette's) Friday we built a nice 2-0 lead until Ross came apart in the 4th and Rittiner did the same in the 8th. A minor rally in the 9th was snubbed out by a careless base-running error by Hanover. Saturday started the same, with Bourgeois giving up 4 in the 3rd and Bradshaw giving up another homer on his very first pitch in relief. It all turned around in the bottom of the 7th as Arky pulled Smyly when he reached 100+ and the Tigers smelled the blood in the water. 7 runs on 5 hits as Arky's middle relief completely imploded and Nola became the 1st tiger to get 2 walks in one inning. Ott came in for a shaky save but got the job done. On a much colder Sunday, Matulis wasn't great, but did what he had to to get himself out of multiple jams. Another great 7th broke open a lead and Rittiner redeemed himself with a save. Better analysis to come as soon as Poseur comes out of his barbecue hangover from SXSW.

Ranaudo Watch: Is scheduled for a short start at Tenn. on Sunday and will slowly work his way back to Friday nights.

Other baseball scores of note: KU dropped a doubleheader to St. Louis U (though they are obviously dealing with a bigger disappointment this morning) and this week's midweek, USL, lost to Southeastern and dropped a series to South Bama. And what in the world happened in Athens?

Lady's make it 14 straight years with an NCAA win, beating Hartford 60-39. They will face Duke tonight in Cameron Indoor at 6pm on ESPN2. Maybe Alleva can show them around.

I am embarrassed we have not covered them more, but Softball has now won a school record 21 straight, 8 of those in conference. Fico is 10-2 and pitched a 6-hit shutout this weekend.

As baseball was on TV this weekend, there is no full game replay to post below the break. On what little of CST's coverage I did see this weekend, I'll say Lynn is still just a TV version of Hawthorne, and the pro-arky crew on saturday was decent, but felt unnecessary. BTW, if you sit in the new RF Bleachers, it's a good chance you'll see Ronnie Rantz. Visual quality was great on CSTHD even though they did not have a widescreen shot. Oh, and why don't you take a gander at the survey on the right.