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ATVS Scoring Game Update

We had six contestants for our ATVS Tourney Scoring Game.  After the first weekend, it's looking like a rout.  Take a look at the scoreboard:

Richard Pittman - 540 pts (6 players left)
Poseur - 471 pts (5 players left)
ORTigerFan - 459 (7 players left)
Jamespriceestrada - 380 pts (3 players left)
Uberschuck - 369 pts (2 players left)
Rabend1 - 337 pts (3 players left)

Every single one of us has Quincy Poindexter on our team, so his scoring output is essentially meaningless.  Richard not only has a huge lead, he has a ton of players left.  I'm in second, but really, it's a dead team walking unless Butler scores about 100 points.  OR at least has a chance.  Here's his different players from Pittman:

OR - Wall and Lucas
Pittman - Johnson and Wittman

ORTigerFan can come back if Kentucky makes a deep run and Syrcause loses sooner rather than later.  It's still a longshot.  Pittman is killing us. Jerkface.