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McCarthy Investigation Concluded, Violations Reported, The Daily Rev was Right


LSU has finished it's investigation into the self-reported violations related to D.J. McCarthy's suspension and later "resignation." As nobody but LSU and the NCAA has a copy of their findings, we only have the self released details to go on.

LSU discovered potential violations associated with impermissible telephone calls to the student-athlete during the recruitment process, impermissible transportation before and after the student-athlete's arrival at LSU, impermissible housing and reduced-rent at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge in the three months prior to the student-athlete's enrollment at LSU, and the purchase of one meal by a football office student worker.

The Press release doesn't name McCarthy or Hicks, but as Hicks is the only student who "transferred to LSU last summer, never played in a game for the Tiger football team" and "left the university prior to the spring semester" it's pretty easy to put two and two together.

Since Hicks didn't make the field we wont have to vacate any wins, might lose a scholarship or 2 over this at most. But don't think for a second that we somehow "lucked out" that Hicks never made it to the field. The investigation started back in September.

And as for The Rev's report from a source back in November that got everybody moaning about the state of journalism students today? It's pretty damn close. Everyone knew it was McCarthy, but their source nailed it on Hicks. Again with no access to the report we can't say if Hicks actually received any hard cash at any point, but the reported violations are everything but.