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Link Gumbo 3/24/10

Spring ball is in it's final days. The "draft" for the 2 squads will be today, with tomorrow spent practicing the 2 squads separately. Players are loving the Big Cat Drill, and rumor is we will see it during the televised Spring Game.

The Rev has a great exit interview with Farrer, who will get his Masters in Sports Management after the summer semester. You may see him at Baseball games as he fills some internship hours at The Box. Garrett Temple has finally landed a permanent contract with the Spurs after bouncing around the league on 10-day contracts

Warren Morris will serve as Honorary Captain of Team USA in an exhibition game between the All-Star Collegiate teams of the US and Japan at Rosenblatt in July. Baseball will end it's 20 game homestand tonight against da Cajuns at 6:30.

With the end of the women's tourney run, Hotard at the Advoc looks back on Hightower's career.

Softball, with Fico pitching, got another win against Communism last night.